Thursday, 1 March 2012

Big Business Big Money

The perfume business was said to be worth a staggering 23 billion pounds in 2010, i dont have the latest figures but i will get them . Just getting a fraction of that cut would make you extremely wealth. As FM is easy to get involved with and sells high quality stuff at affordable prices it has a great opportunity to grow its slice of this giant pie as we are in a global recession and money is tighter than ever but people still want to look and smell nice.
The normal top brand perfumes have about 18-20% oils in them, the eau de toilette they sell is only 3-8% oils.FM perfumes are up to 20% oils and our HOT COLLECTION has up to 30%. These oils are sourced from DROM who are one of the top suppliers in the fragrance business so the quality is assured.
Evidence of FMs growth during this recession is the figures
YEAR 1 - £0.75million
YEAR 4 - £55million
YEAR 6 - £109million (2010)
I will post the current figures in a future post as they are also very impressive how many companies can say that anymore, and FM share plenty of it with us the distributors so everyone is happy.
This is just figures for perfume. Our make up works on the same principle, sourced from a top supplier who also supplies top brands and sold at an affordable price through a network of distributors to keep the cost down and the profit share up. I will post make up figures in a future post but they are truly staggering

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