Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Who are FM

Who Are FM?
FM (Federico Mahora) is an exclusive designer brand expanding rapidly throughout the world. We market our products via a channel of independent agents instead of using shops, models, celebrities, and TV ads.

As we market via word of mouth and customer referrals, it means 2 things, we can keep our prices very low and the quality needs to be excellent as we offer a personal guarantee of satisfaction.  Does your local perfume store offer you this????

Do you realise that up to 97% for the cost of fragrances in shops go on marketing, advertising, celebrity endorsements and packaging?

Our product range is targeted to the “discerning shopper”  who can recognise quality, and are smart enough to know than “quality” it doesn’t necessary need to mean a high price tag.

FM offers one of the largest selection from any of the Fragrance Houses, with over 150 exclusive fragrances in our range. We market our perfumes by numbers, and mostly standardised packaging meaning lower costs. This also means we can respond to market/fashion trends very quickly. Each year we introduce over 30 new fragrances.

Many people in the UK are unfamiliar with the FM brand so are naturally a bit dubious of the quality, and as we have such a wide range, as a guide, we direct people the type of fragrance families they normally like. Eg. Fresh, Floral, Orential or Woody.

However most people are “clueless” about fragrance families! So in an effort to educate them, we ask customers what type of fragrances they normally like. This helps us identify fragrances in the FM range which may suit and please them.

We have 100 fragrances in our classic range costing just £11.99 for 30 ml ladies parfum or 50 ml EDP  for men.

We source our perfume oils from Drom, who produce oils for many of the world's top perfumes houses. We only use the highest quality, purest of oils in our products. We manufacture our fragrances in Europe and our workers are paid fairly and enjoyed good working conditions. Much of our packaging is made from eco-friendly materials.
Our products are not tested on animals.
So become a savvy shopper become an FM shopper.

If you want more info, contact me on You can also find me on facebook at Or if you want to join now go to , find your country and go to 'Join us' or 'Registration' and add these details in the 1st 2 boxes Sponsor Number - 9037801 Sponsor Name - Tristan Whalley (This is important if you want support and guidance from our fast growing exciting team). Also visit my website at

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