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make up products and tips

Right foundation is your most important investment! If you select a good foundation it will make your complexion glow, and look healthy and natural.
Foundation covers up the skin's imperfections and evens the colour of your complexion. Before you choose a foundation though, you should answer the following questions:
1. What is your skin type?
2. What finishing touch do you expect to achieve for your make up?
3. What is the colour of your complexion?
4. What type of coverage do you need: light or full?
Properly selected foundation will be longer-lasting and will look gorgeous long after the application.
The best way to choose the right colour of the foundation is to make the so-called streak test. The ideal place on your face to carry out such a test is the line between your jaw and neck. Apply three streaks of different foundations and wait for a few minutes until the colour adapts to your skin pigment. You should carry out that test in the daylight. If the colour of the foundation is exactly the same as your skin tone – you have passed the test. With flying colours.
You can achieve different finishes to your make up depending on the type of your skin.
Matt finish – the most suitable for oily skin and combination. Mattifying foundations provide the best coverage so they are suitable for skin with imperfections and pimples. You need to apply your foundation in moderation to avoid the “mask effect”. You can expect perfect coverage when you use innovative foundation Covering Effect FM GROUP MAKE UP.
Satin finish – it can be used for all skin types apart from oily and having many imperfections. It is a very delicate and natural finish, actually it is almost half-transparent.
Crème finish - moisturising – it is especially suitable for dry and mature skin. It is very comfortable if your skin feels tight and not so firm, and has spider veins. These foundations are perfect for winter to protect your skin from the frost and prevent spider veins from occurring.
Illuminating finish – it can be used for every skin type. Thanks to its components that optically reflect the light, it covers up wrinkles perfectly. It is recommended especially in summer, as it emphasises your natural tan.
Application of the foundation. You can apply your foundation in three ways:
- with a sponge – thanks to it you will apply your foundation evenly, reaching the line of jaw and hair;
- with a brush – good application will guarantee full coverage;
- with the tips of your fingers – the warmth of your fingers will make the foundation merge into the skin.
The best way to start the application is to dab small dots onto your face across forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck first, and then spread with fingers or a sponge on the whole of your face. After the application, touch your face with a tissue, it will absorb the excess of the foundation. Afterwards, apply a bit of pressed powder.
By putting a bit of foundation on your lips you will make your lipstick stay on longer. You can also try to enhance the shape of your lips, but do not do that if you are planning to wear just lip gloss.

Good powder will guarantee that your make up will stay on very long. It will even the skin and make it look smooth and healthy.
When you choose the colour of your powder try to follow the same rules as with foundation and corrector – it should match the colour of your skin as closely as possible. If you hesitate you can choose a transluscent powder – it will adjust to the colour of your complexion. If your skin has a tendency to blush or if you have spider veins, you should not use pinkish powders. Warm beige will be a lot better for you.
To achieve a healthy and fresh looks use products containing shiny particles that reflect the light, the so-called illuminating powders. Pearl dust that reflects the light can be found in mineral powder Illuminating Effect FM GROUP MAKE UP.
If you have got problems with your skin shining throughout the day, always have pressed mattifying powder with you. Thanks to molecules of talcum, it will absorb sebum from the surface of your face. It will also minimise the visibility of blackheads and will cover up the imperfections. You can choose mineral powder Mattifying Effect FM GROUP MAKE UP. Before you correct your make up, put a tissue on your face to get rid of sebum that is already there.
Do you want to model the shape of your face? Use bronzing powder. Apply a small amount with a brush on the nose, cheekbones and chin and you will look like touched by the sun. To model the shape of your face you can use mineral powder Bronzing Effect FM GROUP MAKE UP.
When applying the powder with a brush remember about the direction of the strokes: from the middle to the sides and from top to bottom – in this way you will smooth out the delicate fluff on your face.


With your make up, blush is a must-have – you cannot forget about it. It can light up your face and make your skin look invigorated.
The most important thing is to choose a natural-looking colour that suits your skin tone. To test that you need to look in the mirror on a frosty day or after intense workout, and check what colour is your natural blush.
If you have fair complexion the best for you will be light pink blush. As time flies by, you can consider a peachy colour – it is perfect for mature women, they will regain brightness and freshness of their look thanks to it. In case of mature skin, peach will warm up your face, while pink will look artificial and theatrical. You can use mineral blush Coral FM GROUP MAKE UP.
Ladies with a bit darker skin can use blush in warmer shades, such as orange, coppery-golden or cinnamon bronze. Mineral blush Bronzing Effect FM GROUP MAKE UP will suit them. If their skin is in shade of ebony or brown, they should choose a warm coloured blush such as papaya, peach or tomato.
Modelling the shape of your face with blush
To master the art of modelling the shape of your face you need to consider which shape your face is. You can distinguish four types of shape: ovaltriangularsquare and round.
Oval-shaped face does not require a lot of modelling. You apply the blush in the middle of the cheeks to give them girlish looks and to add colour to your complexion.
Triangular-shaped face features wide forehead, thin chin and cheekbones wide apart. A bit of blush on top of your chin and cheeks (up to the temple) will make your face look more delicate, and your facial features more subtle.
Square-shaped face is a face where its length equals its width. Jawbone is the most distinguishable. Your facial features will look more subtle if blush is applied below the cheekbones, and a little bit on the jawbone and in the corners of the forehead.
Oval-shaped face is a face with low forehead, round chin and prominent cheeks. Your face will look more distinct if you apply blush on the space between the brows and line of your hair, and apply light streaks from the temple to the corners of the lips. The best way to do this after you shape your lips like a beak or fish-mouth.

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