Wednesday, 29 February 2012

FM working for me

The FM opportunity is open to everyone, regardless of background or experience. All you really need is a desire to improve your life — whether that includes the flexibility to spend more time with friends and family, extra money to pay bills or a new career that could enable you to buy that dream home or car. Are you ready to take control of your future?

We are looking for people who want more from life, more control, more free time, more than just making a living! People, maybe just like you, who are willing to learn, are ready to explore their abilities and reach for new horizons.

Whatever your priority, the FM Group business can provide you with a realistic opportunity to achieve your personal and financial goals.

I love the way anyone with some drive in them to improve themselves can make a real success out of this. The team members who have this or have discovered it inside them since joining have all really excelled in this since they joined my team. It really proved to me in real terms that the statement at the top of this blog is true. They all have different backgrounds, situations, education and experience, It shows drive and the courage to try new things are just as important as any degree or job experience.
 We have just expanded into Malaysia our 53rd country and are looking to cover the planet as soon as we can. I personally have team members in 4 countries now and am in negotiation with a nice canadian women today so i could make it five soon. I LOVE MY JOB i feel so lucky, i was never going to get what i wanted financially in an office or warehouse job as pay hasn't gone up for years now but hours and cost of living have.

If you want more info, contact me on You can also find me on facebook at Or if you want to join now go to , find your country and go to 'Join us' or 'Registration' and add these details in the 1st 2 boxes Sponsor Number - 9037801 Sponsor Name - Tristan Whalley (This is important if you want support and guidance from our fast growing exciting team)

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