Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spinglo product launch

Spinglo products and services are launching daily now and its very exciting we have free gaming and dating sites, fabulous products such as acai berry juices (organic), mobile phone radiation saver devices, a revolutionary anti bacterial de oderent which eliminates BO completely a great cloud service and much more. By joining you get a spinglo discount on your product, spinglo reward points for buying off the site which are redeemable off your gas bill with e on or can be exchanged for cash like a club card, and buy inviting others be constantly rewarded for when they use spinglo too. Its win win really please take a look

If you want more info, contact me on You can also find me on facebook at Or if you want to join now go to , find your country and go to 'Join us' or 'Registration' and add these details in the 1st 2 boxes Sponsor Number - 9037801 Sponsor Name - Tristan Whalley (This is important if you want support and guidance from our fast growing exciting team)

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