Friday, 10 February 2012

my new future

I've joined two exciting networking business's which i'm going to try and blog about them and my experiences whilst trying to make them grow into a giant income for me without me working myself to an early grave to try and be wealthy. The internet is the most powerful tool on the planet and by using it right you can earn a great living off it, network marketing business's and the internet are the perfect combination the whole planet is there to network with one click.
 I decided to get into this because it really is the future in a recent interview with bill gates and donald trump two of the richest most successful men on the planet what would they do if they lost their fortunes today they both replied they'd find a good network marketing company and join it! Well i have joined two so its very exciting. I have already recruited into both of these and i have only been in a week. I have found that anybody can do this both of my opportunities have a fantastic support and training system in place to teach you it.
 My freind has nearly 15 thousand in a savings and it brought in less than 500 pound interest in a year a fraction of that invested into a network marketing opportunity which you work mainly from home with low to no running costs is an investment worth making.
 Below are links to the business's

1. Online and Home Cosmetics Representatives – join for FREE as a preferred customer - take orders online from free ‘selling groups’ on facebook or from friends, family, work colleagues, as part of your shop, salon, hairdressers. Products are perfumes; make up, shower gels, deodorants, home cleaning products, jewellery. You earn 33% on all orders you place and earn extra bonus when you place orders over £130 in a month. Free delivery on orders over £200 (max delivery charge would be £5)

2. Online Cosmetics Representative Recruiters – Join from £16.50 to £54.99 including delivery (depending on how many samples, catalogues and stationary you want from 20 – 154 samples included) – earn 33% on your own order + bonus money each month on your teams orders paid by FM Cosmetics. No running costs unless you want a personalised website for £5 a month but has everything you need and you just need to give people your ID number for them to join your team. No fees, just 1 off payment for sample packs, catalogues and stationary. If you want to get some more catalogues they are 50p each or £4.50 for 10 individual ones however all the catalogues are available online at so we just direct customers there. We provide you with post ideas for you to copy and paste into facebook groups. Once you add us as a friend on facebook we will add you to the groups to post into. We will provide you with everything to send your prospects and help build your team with you. You must place £20 of orders a month from yourself and orders off friends and family to qualify for the team bonus. I usually order an item of make up and a home cleaning product every month and a perfume or 2 every few months, there’s also jewellery so I buy that for birthday and Christmas presents for people. Just get the things you would normally buy anyway but you get it delivered the next day! Earning potential is £1000s a month.

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