Thursday, 23 February 2012

Merging FM into your business

If your a self employed hairdresser, make up artist, massage therapist, market trader, car boot trader, nail technician or just work as one for someone else then you can incorporate FM into your business really easily as  we supply high quality make up and perfumes at great prices. These products are either used by you already or are linked to it in some way. Some of the hairdressers that have taken this opportunity have done really well with it just showing the make up catalogue to the customer whilst they wait and during the actual haircut. They also give them their samples of the perfumes to smell through so they can smell fantastic to go with their new haircut. One lady has increased her monthly profits by  £2000 and won a car ( pictured above) She only joined about 6 months ago, she also has a holiday to look forward too both FREE off FM just for doing her job and earning fantastic money of it at the same time.
 Nail techs already in FM have found that by swapping to FM products means after they've had their nails done to go away looking nice then if something happens the customer has access to buy the same product that you had used on them to top up or repair any disaster as although FM isnt in the shops like other products supplied to just pros FM allow customers to buy it too. They have to do this either through you or join on what we call the 'preferred customer group' which is FREE  and they still go on your team but they get a 33% discount and you get a small bonus every time they buy. So without doing much extra work and just doing what they do normally they have found fantastic rewards and great extra incomes. FM really is made for you guys so contact me for more information if you want to get what they have or just a little boost or a new perfume even.
 Remember we a pretty much worldwide, Thanks for reading this people who ever you are its really exciting knowing people read this much appreciated

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